martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Tenth Gospel

Fire in the aisle, in the craddle
for we are to not destroy Troy
over and over so that I do not fall.
Face to face upon the girl´s dull
where Mr. E left his question mark
to let me find a way out of here.

Dozens of roses are wasted
as the art crumbles towards jobs
while taking the final jump.

Well, ink dries tears
on the Union Jack.
Ferocious as the dogs call it,
the work of Grendel was stuck.

There is always a way,
there must be always hope.
Never had a gospel as tissue
for the lands ahead on time.

"Tell me are you a Christian child?"
And I said "Ma'am I am tonight"

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  1. En momentos díciles, la poesía sirve de oración y milagro.